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Novo website da Zuna

2 meses
Ajudamos a Zuna a criar e desenvolver seu novo site, tornando-o mais valioso para a empresa e aumentando sua presença digital.

About Zuna

Zuna is an HRTech company that was born to modernize and democratize the internship market by simplifying the way students embark on their journey into the current job market.

The company's DNA carries a track record of over 1 million students in internships through the efforts of its founders and advisors over the past two decades.

Zuna is a company that directly contributes to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Brazil across six categories and has significant numbers of social impact.

Let's get started

Before to jump in the design step, it's importante to organize the whole project. I always create a sitemap to each project I'm gonna work, this map help us to see the entire structure and align with the client's team before we get started.

How we get started

Zuna had recently gone through a rebranding process and approached us to create the new website based on its new look and positioning.

So, we used as a basis for the entire project the colors and typography that were stipulated in their brand guide, in order to maintain consistency across the identity of the new Zuna Estágios brand.

Consistency in everything

We previously talked about brand consistency, but when we move on to the website creation stage, it is important to maintain consistency and a good structure for all screen sizes.

To help us with this, we used a grid of 12 columns for larger screens and 4 columns for smaller screens, so our project maintained cohesion in the alignment, hierarchy and arrangement of elements on all pages.

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